Staining Services

Staining ServicesAs wood facings and flooring begins to age, its coloration may fade and the wood will give in to wear. You can’t just paint your wood surfaces like you would to brighten your walls, and replacing your flooring can be a hassle—not to mention how much it can cost! To save money and brighten the appearance of your wood, you should hire a painting company like Lindor Painting. In addition to our normal painting services, we offer complete staining services to improve the look of your wood surfaces!

If you just got fresh exterior or interior painting done and hate how your old hardwood floors detract from the clean look of your walls, you should ask us to do all new staining to make the wood look like new. We can do service on indoor and outdoor surfaces, from floors to decks, and everything in between. We can stain it all!

Don’t shell out hundreds and hundreds of dollars to get all new floors, when there is a more cost effective option! If your floor isn’t damaged, then why replace it when you could stain it? Hire professional painters and strainers that have the knowledge to make your wooden surfaces look brand new again. For more on our staining and house painting services, contact us at Lindor Painting in Miramar, FL to get a free estimate for your home!